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PC Dragons Lair 3D

Dragon's Lair 3D (PC): PC & Video Games. Dragon's Lair 3D (PC): PC & Video Games. Dragon's Lair 3D tells the tale made popular in the classic arcade game 。 Guide Dirk the Daring to overcome new monsters and obstacles lurking in the shadows 。 Brave Singe the Dragon and the Wizard, Mordroc, to save Princess Daphne 。 15 large, detailed, action-packed levels featuring more than 40 environments 。 Over 250 new rooms with numerous puzzles, traps, power-ups, and hidden secrets to uncover 。 Dragon's Lair 3D for the PC is an all-new 3-D fantasy-adventure game based on the popular game and characters from legendary animator, Don Bluth. Dragon's Lair 3D brings to life the characters and creatures featured in the ground-breaking Dragon's Lair arcade game. Developed by Dragonstone, this game will allow gamers to fully experience Dragon's Lair with the highest quality graphics and sound that made the arcade version such a success. Dirk the Daring, a courageous knight, must save the beautiful Princess Daphne who has been kidnapped by the evil dragon Singe, and hidden in a medieval castle owned by Mordroc, a powerful and malevolent wizard. Gamers must use cat-like reflexes, cunning and resourcefulness to solve puzzles, defeat a variety of enemies and fight their way through the castle to find Daphne and save the kingdom from Mordroc's clutches. T are more than 150 new, unique 3-D animations for Dirk the Daring allowing him to run, jump, roll, sneak, climb, crouch, crawl, swing, push, lift and somersault through 15 large, detailed, action-packed levels featuring more than 40 environments to explore and over 250 new rooms with numerous puzzles, traps, power-ups and hidden secrets to uncover 。 。 。

PC Dragons Lair 3D

PC Dragons Lair 3D

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PC Dragons Lair 3D

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